Friday, September 25, 2015

Five On Friday: Full Day Kindergarten--Mommy & Me

When my oldest daughter first went to kindergarten, we got to tour the classroom and I loved the cute little wooden kitchen, so reminiscent of the one I had in my own kindergarten classroom. A few weeks in I asked her if she liked playing over there and she said, "We're too busy to play."

That's when kindergarten was still half day in our district. Three kids later we switched to full day and all of the parents wondered what the difference would be. Would our kids become super braniacs?

Nah. But full day kindergarten is still wonderful because now  there is time for:

1. Lunch, they love eating with friends.
2. Recess! Yes!!
3. Rest/Nap time: good for them and teacher.
4. More time for socializing, which really is necessary for them.
5. They still get plenty of work done but now there is time for play! The wooden play kitchen is no longer lonely! Hooray!

Likewise, for Mommy here at home not having to rush around getting errands done in 2.5 hours, there are also these same differences in my day!

1. Lunch: Now I make my own (instead of nibbling on someone else's leftovers) AND I sit down to eat. That's pretty huge.
2. Recess: I can exercise every day and not have to cut it short because I have too many other things to do before school's over.
3. Rest/Nap time: Yes.
4. More time for socializing: I have plans to hike with a friend soon! And have lunch with another friend next week! (Which is really great because I've realized the only downside to being alone all day and not seeing other parents at preschool pick up and drop off is that this social butterfly starts to get a little stir crazy)
5. I still get plenty of work done but now there is time for play! Right now the toilets are all cleaned, the clothes are on the line, the floors have been vacuumed and when I go out to get a load of dirt in the pick-truck I'll even have time to hit a few yard sales. Hooray!

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