Friday, September 11, 2015

Five on Friday: The Fifth's First Week of Kindergarten

1. On her very first day of school she told me that she got sent to the Principal's office for "demply" (accidentally) hitting someone. Asked her if that was true or a story. "A story."

2. Also on the first day, she didn't bring her water bottle into the lunch room with her but "that's okay Mommy, a nice lady gave me milk!" I guess that means we already owe the cafeteria fifty cents.

3. On her second day of school I forgot to make sure she was wearing the name tag that kindergarteners are supposed to wear for the first two weeks or so with their name, bus number and classroom on it.

4. By the fourth day of school the name tag was missing, just completely gone. No idea where it is.

5. On the fifth day of school she got off the bus smiling, came to my arms and then started to sob, saying, "My body is just so 'sausted." Hang in there baby girl. You're going to get used to it!

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