Friday, July 31, 2015

Five on Friday: Kids, Your Parents Are Totally Immature

We didn't even have any children with us and these are the pictures we came home from Amsterdam with?

The first three are from the Rijksmuseum, which loosely translated means something like, "if you're totally immature you'll find plenty to giggle at in here" museum.

1. World's first whoopie cushion. (Not really. But come on! Doesn't it look like one?)

2. A piece from a chess set

3. The "Womb Tomb" (Artist "Ferdi wanted to create a playful and liberating 'environment' . . . The vulva-like opening forms the entrance to the sheltered interior. It is simultaneously a cosy tomb and a womb.")

4. Okay this one wasn't even my idea. But I did participate.

5. Made me chuckle every time

There you have it kids, CULTURE, straight from Europe. I hope this broadens your horizons a bit.

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