Friday, July 10, 2015

Five on Friday: Family Songs

A few weeks ago on my Facebook page I asked, "Are families allowed to have theme songs? Because my five-year-old just started singing, 'welcome to the lovely chaos' so I think that might be ours now."

After that post I realized our family actually has created a bunch of songs each with their own unique lyrics and tunes that we sing frequently. None of them would be so perfect a theme song as the chaos song, but maybe they could be worked in as additional verses.

All should be sung at top volume and repeated ad nauseam. Top five favorites are:

1.  I'd like to eat . . . a potato sandwich!

2. Put your library in your pants!! (No idea, by the way. No. Idea.)

3. We--are rock stars, we hope you get us. We--are rock stars!

4. I step in poop and I no even tare! (Invented when he still had a speech impediment, must be sung that way now and yes, he did step in poop.)

5. I have decided . . . to put myself in charge!

And bonus song, which is sort of a cop out because it was created by the parents and is not a unique tune. Sometimes when Daddy O and I look around at the beautiful area we live in and realize that other people travel here specifically for its beauty, we simply must sing (to the tune of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It") . . . "We're not on vacation. No! We're not on vacation! We're not on vacation, we live here....!"

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