Friday, July 17, 2015

Five on Friday: 1500 Miles in a Car With Five Kids: How Did We Do It?

I know. Everyone else has a DVD player in the car but we don't. And not all five of the kids have an iSomething to play on so what did we do to pass the time?

1. Refuse to hand out snacks or anything else for at least one hour into any given ride. This forced them to come up with things like an imaginary restaurant ("Want soda, rafadi, soda or colorful drink?" And we still don't know what rafadi is.)

2. Pen and paper. There was a lot of doodling. My favorite was when 5-year-old A dictated to her 13-year-old brother G to draw "a princess on a bed, with a king and a dragon. And she's vomiting." That was funny enough to overhear but then I saw the finished product plus G's interpretation of why the princess was vomiting. These kids kill me.

3. Mad libs (got two new ones in the free box at the library!) and some homemade ones too (which were my favorite, of course).

4. Name that tune! I'd play a few seconds of a song on my iPhone, pause it, and give them turns guessing what song it was.

5. Wet Ones. Old school, the kind with the Chinese finger trap-type opening. It started with a request for one to clean the rocks they'd collected on one of our stops and ended with them asking for one whenever their was a boring lull (and me gladly handing them out, one at a time). We came home with some happy kids and bags of clean rocks.

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