Friday, July 3, 2015

Five on Friday: Rules for the Summer

Hey kids: you know your parents give you a lot of freedom around here (don't you?) But once in awhile, we really just need to lay down the law. 

Now is one of those times.

 It's summer and there are certain rules that apply now that don't apply the rest of the year. Learn and obey:

1. Stop. Wearing. Socks. For real. It's barefoot and sandal season, yo. Stop making me wash, dry, sort and fold socks. (Exception: big kids that do their own laundry can wear socks every day if they're weirdos that wear socks all summer long.)

2. We don’t need any more animals, dead or alive, in the house. They are welcome to live outside. (This also applies to bones found in the woods. And rocks.)

3.  We only eat outside now. That means you. Out. With that crumby or drippy whatever it is in your hand. Out. Side. Now.

4.  I know during the school year you were allowed to come downstairs at 7:30 am. Now that time is 8:00 am. Anyone that stays until 8 gets bonus points and no, I don’t know exactly what that means yet.

5.  Can we aim for no ER visits? I mean, this one kind of applies year--round but wearing a cast in the summer is the pits. Just try your best.

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