Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday: One More Spring Birthday Boy to Celebrate

The last of the boys' spring birthdays was this week with my E turning 9 on Tuesday. Here are some of my favorite E-moments from over the years:

1. Him (age 4.5): Mommy, did you play sports in high school?
Me: No, but I was in shows.
Him: Oh, you weren't too sportable?
Me (suppressing laughter): No, not too sportable.
Him: Well I am very sportific.

2. (Age 5) He likes to approach doors that he knows open automatically and extend his arms and declare "FORCE OF THE POWER!" to make them open by his magic.

3. (Age 6)  "Some people at school say I'm a girl if I wear nail polish." 
Thus beginning (another) discussion on this topic, which concluded with him saying: "Yeah! And what if people said that only boys could clean house? That's not true! And what if people said only girls could...fix a roof? That's not true!"

(same discussion, age 8: "If anyone at school says anything about my nail polish, Ill just say, "no offense but that's just how I rock my style" )

4. (First lost tooth on last day of kindergarten) Before bed he said to me, "I know the tooth fairy is not real. It's just a person in a costume."
"But E . . . we lock the door at night when we're sleeping, how could that person get in?"
"We lock the door?"
His jaw dropped, literally. "Don't lock the door!!!!"

5. (Age 6) Second (!!!) phone call from a girl.  I told my oldest to go eavesdrop and see what they were talking about. She returned and said, "I went over there and he was saying, "your DOG says HI??" After five minutes he got off the phone so I asked, "So what did she want, just to chit chat?"
He answered, "We talked about the Super Bowl mostly."

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