Friday, April 24, 2015

Five on Friday: An Art-full week

Between my birthday on Tuesday and the kids' Open Houses at school, there's been a lot of kid-generated art in my life this week. Here are some highlights:

1. Birthday cards from my kids . . . if you didn't see on Facebook (or Twitter or Instagram), G made me a fantastic card because I told him he had to. (See it here: Queen Mommy) B made me one on her own and it took an entirely different direction (of course because they're so different in so many ways). She made this lovely drawing of me as an Earth Mama ("Look! With your greys in one nice, chunky, Cruella Deville-ish streak like you want!")  encircling the Earth in my arms and my five kids playing on the swing set. I adore this card, and this kid:

2. Not one but TWO birthday crowns. It's a shame I only have one head.  My youngest tried to steal back the yellow one she made for me but I managed to keep it.

3. Lots of giant cards. My favorite is Z's signature drawing of cookie trucks (on the left with all the M birds)

4. At the school last night, this was hanging up . . . a picture Z made explaining what he'd be like if he were a dinosaur. In typical him fashion, it's part fierce and part gentle (and he wonders why I want to eat his face):

5. Lastly was the "gym show" at the Open House last night. My older kids never did a gym show in 3rd grade, I wasn't sure what it was going to be or if I'd like it. WRONG! I LOVED it. This was E's grand finale and his little arm sticking out when it wasn't supposed to be. I have really no idea what the heck is happening here but I couldn't possibly have enjoyed it more:

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