Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday: Another Week, Another Birthday Boy

Our favorite Clueless Smarty Pants, the Absent Minded Professor is becoming a teenager! (Yikes) Here are some of my favorite quotes from him over the years:

1. Me: "WHY did you throw a rock at your friend????" Him (age 3 or 4): "I was AIMING for my SISTER"

2. (age 8) "It makes me feel kind of insignificant that so far my life savings equals about fifty two dollars."

3. (age 9) "My Sunday morning routine is to go out for the comics, cross the street, look in the mailbox, remember the mailman doesn't put the paper in the mailbox, cross back again and pick the paper up from the driveway so I can come in and read the comics. It's comforting to have routines."

4. (age 10) "I thought of what a really cool job would be...Universe Narrator."

 5. (age 11, after getting the book "Nerd Haiku" and deciding to write his own)

Built a light saber
Powered by the Dark Crystal
Sued by Jim and George

Happy 13th, G. Can't wait to hear what you say this year to crack us up.


  1. Awesome! If you are looking for a family of 3 to adopt (that would be us - two adults and a kid) to make your number an even 10, call me :)

    Happy Birthday to G