Friday, August 22, 2014

Five on Friday: Getting Ready for School

I'm going to leave the getting the kids up earlier for a week in anticipation of school time up to the other parents. Here's how we start to prep the kids for school after summer vacation at Chez Serendip:

1. Z: You need to learn how to tie shoes because you are NOT wearing those velcro sneakers held together with duct tape to First Grade. Sorry, dude.

2. E: "What the crap" doesn't even make sense and you need to stop saying it before it's a habit and you say it in Third Grade and get in trouble.

3. While I'm at it, Seventh and Eight Graders B and G: time to start to laying off the "damn its" and "what the hells" okay?

4. Enjoy sleeping until 10 am, B, because that's going back to being a weekend-only luxury soon.

5. Hey guys! Look who's packing their own lunches this year! Study this list.


  1. Aw shit. I should have stopped the cursing WAY before the friday before school starts. And seriously, all five are packing their own lunches? I'm keeping track of this, and unsure if I even trust mine enough not to just pack a giant bag of bread (him) or just huge fistfulls of meat (her). Good luck, and thanks for the heads up on the swearing.... :)

  2. Littlest doesn't need to pack lunch and there will be heavy supervision/assistance for the others. I have no plans to stop cursing here, just enforcing that rule for the kids :)