Friday, March 31, 2023

Five on Friday: Still Cringy After All These Years

 Remember when my family gifted me with this sweatshirt a few Christmases ago?

The Y might be starting to peel a little but I can proudly state, without hesitation, that the Mom Cringe levels over here have not subsided at all. Much to my tween's & teens' delight, they may have even increased. Some examples:

1. This is on my water bottle. 

MOM. She's naked. WHY?

2. I continue on insisting on documenting nearly everything in their all-to-brief childhoods.

Baby's first visit to the orthopedist!

3. I dropped off a card and small gift for the new neighbor (That is SO old fashioned, Mom!)

4. I won an award and then tested it for authenticity. In public. Also had a picture taken of me doing so.

Fine, I did it to be ridiculous but I can assure you it is genuine lucite. Or something like lucite, what do I know about lucite?

5. I'm weird in restrooms, encourage documentation of the weirdness AND I crack myself up with stupid captions later.

At least I have a friend to be cringy with.

And all this before my husband and I decided to rewrite the "Diarrhea Song" to be about menstruation!! (Mom. That's disgusting. Why are you like that?)

Stay tuned for an upcoming entry in which I tell you my (self) nomination for Mother of the Year 2023!

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  1. It's cute that our kids think they aren't just as weird or weirder than us.