Friday, January 27, 2023

Five on Friday: They're Driving Me Crazy But I Like It

 A recent day in the life that apparently I love . . .

1.  After the kids left for school the other day, I found an empty cracker box. It was next to the garbage can. It wasn't entirely empty, actually, it had one cracker in it. No waxy bag inside, just. One. Cracker. 

Next to the garbage can.

So close, yet so far.

2. A little later, I was looking for dried cranberries to make cookies. I found the jar in its usual spot, with ONE LONELY LITTLE DRIED CRANBERRY IN IT. One.

3.  Our 14-year-old son sent me a text soon after he arrived at school that day, asking me to drop off his uniform and sneakers. In his defense:
    a. the news that they'd need their uniforms for a picture that afternoon was only announced as he was arriving at school, and 
    b. He was in a sling and unable to play basketball so didn't have his basketball bag with him.

So even though having to find his stuff and drop it off was slightly annoying, that wasn't the crazy-making part. First there was him asking me to send him a picture to make sure I got the *right* white shoes.

Fine, smarty.

4. I bagged up the uniform and shoes (the sneakers, not the crocs) and left them on the shelf in the high school vestibule where hundreds of kids walk through, as one does when a child forgets something at home.

Here's where the crazy-making really starts: long before he needed these items, a half-day was called due to the weather and they were no longer needed.

I texted him to remind him to grab the bag where, as previously noted, hundreds of kids would be walking and any of them could potentially mess with it. Okay, he said.

Did he remember to grab the bag?

No. No he did not.

(Yes, this is the same kid that wanted to leave his cummerbund on stage until the next day. "Mom, it's fine.")

5. But apparently I like it! I love the chaos. It's actually true and my story for January's Story Slam at Scout's with the theme was Starting Over is proof:

Next Slam is February 24th . . . Under the Influence. See you then!

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