Friday, August 19, 2022

Five on Friday: Welcome to Boomerville!

1. I can count on one hand how many times I've slept through the entire night this summer. 

And I don't have an infant. 

And when I got up to three nights of full sleep (not even in a row), it made me deliriously  happy.

2. I went food shopping before 8 am and I liked it. (
Except for the part when I nearly ran into something and then . . . )

3. I muttered "goddamn robots in the aisle" to myself. Fine, it was out loud, but it was quiet.

4. I had to ask my oldest kid for help with something on Instagram. 

5. Meanwhile, I also made some apparently absurd assumptions about what sort of SUPER BASIC* technology my 16-year-old would know how to handle:

*Clearly super basic to Boomers only. When I sent the above screen shot to the alleged adults thinking they'd want to make fun of their brother with me, my 20-year-old son said that he was defending his brother on this one and added "We want to move into a future where we can leave voicemails in the past."

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