Friday, August 5, 2022

Five on Friday: Camp Communication

What's the best part of sleep-away camp? Is it learning new skills? Making lifelong friends? Or is it the letters you get from your family and they get from you?

This year, I'm going with the latter. Some winners from the past two weeks, sent in both directions:

1. Letters from our girl written on the first day . . . the top one sent to us, the bottom one sent to her friend.

"Hey fam . . . the food is good"
"Hi Sam . . . the food was kinda bad . . . but the lemonade was fantastic"

2. Me: Write a letter to your sister.
16-year-old: Fine. I'm going to send her some of Zipper's hair.
Me: Great, I have a little baggie you can use, just write a letter already.

The letter:
Me: How did you start to address it to yourself??
Him: I don't know but I already spent all that time making the dots around the edge so I wasn't going to start again.

3. A modern option: Campgrams! We could write emails that would be printed out and delivered to her. Her 20-year-old brother never disappoints:

4. Her 14-year-old brother also sent one in which he bragged about how much time he was getting with the dog without her and lied and told her that he's been sleeping in her bed. He is the only sibling to get a letter in the mail from her in which she said "Get out of my bed."

5. Last letter home:

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