Friday, April 29, 2022

Five on Friday: Spoils of the Three Days Away!

Last Thursday evening at around 6pm, I said to the party of three girls that were accompanying me, "Getting bagels was just THIS MORNING."

Nobody could believe it--that felt like it was days before! The reason is that road trip time is not like regular time. Even when multiple hours are frittered away in the car (or maybe since that time is wasted in the car? I don't get how this all works), the days are long and full of laughs and adventure. Those few days away will long be remembered via stories told, photos shared and the gifts and mementos we brought home.

1. I kind of have a thing for stickers. And honestly, as long as I keep coming up with places to use them, I think they're great souvenirs--they're inexpensive and easy to pack, even if you get this many!
I mean--MINI pierogi stickers. Mini!! Pierogis!! Can you stand it??

2. I got some lovely birthday gifts from the college students/alleged adults. From our daughter:

3. Our son said he had a sort of lame gift for me and handed me a pair of my own underwear and socks that apparently went back to school with him after he did his last batch of laundry at home. 
At least this gift was my size?

He did redeem himself by sweetly asking if we were going to come back up to his apartment to hang out (after I took him food shopping). He then obliged my request for him to serenade me with his guitar while we ate lunch. 

4. We did hit a bunch of vintage shops and book stores and I just couldn't resist the boxes of old family photos (So mysterious! Sad! Fascinating!) and stereo cards. Old photos I know I'll use in collages and cards . . . but what will I do with these? Only time will tell!

5. Lastly a semi-impulse buy at the youngest's request, a yard sale card game that's already provided car ride and dinner time entertainment. Besides being a fun game, this will always make me smile since it will remind me of Spring Break 2022.

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