Friday, December 11, 2020

Five on Friday: Things I Forgot I Liked So Much

It must be true that absence makes the heart grow fonder . . . because these things haven't happened in awhile and I had forgotten how much I dig them.

1. Sunrises this time of year. I really dislike winter and this one in particular is looming rather dreadfully. Changing the clocks back signifies the start of the dark days ahead . . . but then I'm reminded of just how beautiful the sunrises are here this time of year. This picture does not do them justice at all--I usually don't even to try to take them anymore because they never do, so I just enjoy them in the moment. But I thought this post would be better with a visual so I snapped a picture real quick on my phone this morning. Imagine this ten times prettier:

2. A solo excursion to the big, messy thrift shop where you really have to dig and can find some absolute treasures. It had been so long since I'd been able to do that!! I had a few hours of time to myself and almost didn't go because it was pouring rain . . . but I forced myself to and I have zero regrets.

3. Overalls! One of my thrift scores from that day was a pair of overalls for myself. I started to post pictures of every day I was wearing them on my Instagram but realized that'd end up being pretty boring, because I have been wearing them a lot. Like, a lot-a lot.

 4. The first snow! Again, I don't like winter. But I can't deny how pretty the snow is, especially the first time when I'm totally annoyed by it yet. Also this is my backyard, so it's nice to be amazed by it and reminded again of how lucky I am.

5. The simple pleasure of sitting near the open fire and watching it snap and burn and swirl with color. It's absolutely mesmerizing . . . and since I'm not a fan of the cold, you'll be able to find me here all winter long, just sitting by the fire and being hypnotized.

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