Friday, December 25, 2020

Five on Friday: Short & Sweet Holiday Sights & Sounds

It's a very Covid Christmas and we're just hanging out here at home all day. It's not terrible, really, I'm so grateful we have each other and we're just doing whatever we want all day. Here's a little sample of the holiday sights and sounds . . .

1. 'Tis the season for pop-dough creations. Yesterday I made the traditional Chicken & Broccoli Wreath and tried a brand new little edible Christmas Tree and today we are eating the leftovers.

Oh really? Picky eaters will eat highly processed pop-can dough? Thank goodness for Pillsbury.

2. No party this year but the kids smashed their gingerbread anyway. Fewer people to have to share candy with! 

 3. It's a holiday! So I'm wearing new sparkly bling while I make some food and my husband is banging around upstairs installing some baseboard and taking care of a drippy ceiling situation . . . as one does on Christmas Day!

4.  Our oldest daughter just hung the last of the holiday cards that came in the mail (a record number of cards arriving on Christmas Eve!) I love, love, love our cards. Thank you to everyone that sent one.

5. Music! My younger kids all got new earbuds or (secondhand) phones for their modern music listening . . . and my older kids are thrilled with their cassette tapes (yes, they're back!!) and travel record player.

Hope everyone is having a safe, happy, socially-distanced and healthy day.

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