Friday, November 27, 2020

Five on Friday: The Holiday Post Can Wait

Today’s post was going to have a holiday theme—yesterday was Thanksgiving, that’d be an easy one, right? I had some ideas floating around but hadn’t found the time to figure out how I was going to stitch them together.


With all of the cooking and baking I did this week (apparently cooking a Thanksgiving meal takes many hours over two days even if it’s only for your immediate family!), I didn’t find time to sit down and write.


Besides preparing food, I also delivered some bread and mini-pies to a few people, including my parents. They are getting ready to move from their home that they’ve lived in for the past forty-four years, so my Mom keeps giving me things she is purging. This time she gifted me with the ultimate treasure: a box of my old report cards, certificates, newspaper clippings (“Was I just always in the paper my entire life???” Mom: “Pretty much.”), head shots, play programs and more.


They are too good not to share. I’ll tell you something about the holidays next week, for now you can enjoy this little walk down memory lane with me.




1. From one of my very first public performances. It was more of a Talent Show than anything else. I remember being not very concerned about winning but very pleased to have a stage and a real audience. I am pretty sure I participated twice. I think it was the second time that strangers were telling my Mom that I should have won, so my Mom made me a "People's Choice" award ribbon that year.


 2.  I distinctly remember reenacting this at home. I think I made my younger sister be the Virgin Mary while I took on the roles of Joseph, the Innkeeper, the Angel, a Shepherd and all three Wise Men . . . perhaps also the Little Drummer Boy.


3.This was a big deal. The lead characters, both boys, played by two girls. "You can just tuck your long hair up under this top hat, right?" I could.

4. They really ate out of my hand! Apparently this was not just exciting to me but to the newspaper as well.

5. And here it is, folks, the pièce de résistance . . . head shots from that time when I was eleven and my Mom took me to a modeling agency.

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