Friday, June 12, 2020

Five on Friday: I'm Fine With a Car Parade Graduation

I know there are some people who are upset that graduations this year are not what they had anticipated. I truly am sorry for them, disappointment stinks.  Personally, though, I am fine with a "Car Parade" High School Graduation for my son. Here are five reasons:

1. I’m not much for pomp anyway. I didn’t walk in my college graduation. I got married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

2. We just sat through a High School Graduation one year ago and we have three more ahead of us.

3. Small town High School Graduation speeches aren’t known to be all that titillating. Watching videos of the speeches mean we can skip through the boring parts! 
Also, there are sometimes unexpected bonuses in virtual Graduations.

4. I keep saying this about lots of situations that have been changed for my kids: it’s not only my kid that’s missing out on the 4th Grade Farewell, 8th  Grade overnight trip, Middle or High School Graduation or anything else. It’s not because my child is sick or unable to participate for any personal catastrophic reason. I find solace in that. They’re really becoming uniquely connected to a major historic event and throughout their lives they’ll have a camaraderie with other people their age who went through this, too.

5. Inventive adaptation! People love to claim that they’re not creative or artistic but look at all they’ve dreamed up in the past three months! So many wonderful new ways to stay connected and celebrate milestones. I know I am going to remember this Graduation more than any of the others.

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