Friday, September 13, 2019

Five on Friday: Short & Sweet

A short and sweet, pic-heavy Five on Friday from the land of Serendip, where the sport schedules are plentiful and the insomnia is a frequent and unwelcome guest.

A few things I've found recently that remind me just how I love this home and life we've created:

1. Another surprising and unexplained message on the white board in the family room. I have no idea what this is about and don't want to, the random messages make me smile:

2. Speaking of messages, I was feeling happy with my rainbow-themed school morning checklist for the kids and then noticed someone messed with it. 

And I laughed. Stop erasing my letters and go brush your teeth, bruh.

 3. My oldest daughter created this cute and tiny little painting late in the summer and left it in the kitchen to surprise me. I got more flowers last weekend and decided to put these two together. Both the flowers and the reminder of B in the house both make me smile:

4. Once upon a time I revealed to the children that they actually did eat the ends of the bread, it's just that I flipped them around so nobody knew. I just found out that now that they make their own sandwiches, some of them have held on to that habit:

 5. Last night when I went to bed I found some surprise drawings waiting for us. Looks like our youngest has learned a lot from her big sister:

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