Friday, August 30, 2019

Five on Friday: Funny Things Mom Says

During our road trip, I keep a little notebook handy to write down funny things the kids say both for posterity and to potentially use in upcoming posts (okay, maybe that's the real reason)

I noticed over this last vacation that my oldest daughter was jotting things down that I said. I asked her, "Are you writing down Mom quotes?"

She was.

"Tell me when you get to five of them."

She knew exactly what I was getting at. Here they are:

1.  "Oooh, I'm going to get a Moscow Mule!! They have their own cups!!!"
       Mom's response: I stand by this. The drink is tasty and the cups are cute.

Moscow Mule in a signature copper cup

2. "If you dropped your pizza, I guess you didn't really love it."
      Mom's response: I have no recollection of this whatsoever, but I sure hope it wasn't that pizza we spent $48 on in Utah.

3. (after hearing the beginning of the song "Africa" on the radio and turning it up) "Wait, is this Weezer or . . . Not Weezer?"

Mom's response: I don't know why this was so funny to the kids. Toto, the other band is called Toto. I know that but just forgot for a minute. And I don't like the Weezer cover so I had to know if I should change the station or not.

4.  M: "Do you think farts--never mind, I think I know the answer to this."
      B: "What was it?"
     M: "Were farts always funny? Historically?" (hysterical laughter)
      B: "Is the answer yes?"
     M:  (cracking up) "The answer is YES"

     Mom's response: I'm mature in other ways.

Here I am posing while barefoot on a chaise lounge in a hotel we did not stay at. So. Mature.

5. "Guys, can you not live like . . . Trash Animals???"
     Mom's response: Seeing as this phrase that I came up with on the spot, inspired by the real-life road trip slobs also known as my five children, has become a new family favorite . . . all I can say to this is "You're welcome, Trash Animals."

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