Monday, June 10, 2019

Five on Friday: An Homage to My Husband's Parenting Style

. . . as told in video clips.

Without him, our family motto wouldn't be "Safety Second" and the kids would probably be having a lot less fun. Also I might have one or two fewer grey hairs.

1.  All season fun . . .

2.  This seemed to go much smoother for him than that time I was 8 months pregnant and tried to go down a twisty playground slide with a 16-month-old on my lap:

3. Through the years:

4.  (To be clear, that's one of our kids telling him it's a terrible idea and another one chanting "chug." If you can't tell, it's the liquid that was left in a jar of hot peppers. Ah, life lessons from Dad)

5.  This will always be a classic:

"He's gotta learn how to stop."

Happy Fathers Day to the Best of the Best!

*Lest you think all he does as a Dad is actively demonstrate to the children how to give me near-constant heart palpitations, I felt like I should add this sweet moment, too:

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