Friday, March 22, 2019

Five on Friday: Tattoo Show & Tell

Last summer I got a tattoo right next to one I already had that, somehow, unbelievably, is already twenty years old.

That was a bad idea.

I didn't know the old one was looking so blurry and faded until a bright brand-new one moved in next door.  I finally got it touched up yesterday and decided to have a little tattoo show and tell for today's list.

1. First tattoo, the star. I've always had an affinity for stars and when I found a heavy belt buckle in the shape of star at Babci's house, I claimed it for myself.

I've never worn a belt buckle and rarely wear belts. 

After owning it and never wearing it, I decided to get it tattooed on my arm instead. It was my first tattoo and my boyfriend at the time got a (different type of) star at the same time. We later eloped and sometimes think of those star tattoos as our engagement rings.
I know you this isn't the best shot of the tattoo but I've spent entirely too much time looking this morning. I've got a house to clean, people, use your imaginations. Photo Cred: Emily Schwank

2. Next up, the kids! This little lady is me and one, two, three toys are my first three kids. I remember thinking at the time that if there were ever any more kids, they could just be added onto the back of the chain.
Apparently it's kind of tricky taking a picture of your own upper arm.

3. There were more kids! But I realized if I added them on, I wouldn't be able to see them and it never made sense to me to have a tattoo where I couldn't see it. Whirlwind Z got added on as a pinwheel and then little sister A came to us. She then went back to biological family for a bit before returning to us. We weren't sure if she'd end up staying or not but knew she's always be in our lives so she got added on as a bouncy ball.

Finding themselves on my arm

Showing Baby A the bouncy ball addition that represents her

4. My soaring survivor heart, added last summer by my husband's cousin:
You can see what I mean about the old one looking so faded here . . .

5. Lastly, ye olde star tattoo has been cleaned up and has had some color added. I'm super happy with it! Thanks Dutch!

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