Friday, January 18, 2019

Five on Friday: I'm Blaming Basketball

Life with five kids never seemed so busy until three of them turned out to be athletes. Oh my god, sports schedules. They might be what kills me in the end. Did you know that the Middle School basketball practice has THREE DIFFERENT POTENTIAL PICK UP TIMES?

Yes, I have both sat outside of the school for a half an hour AND  have gotten a phone call asking if I'm going to get my kid anytime soon.

Let it hereby be known that I absolutely blame basketball for:

1. Further overloading my already overloaded brain. One pick-up time, people, please. I beg you.

2. My aching back. Watching 2-4 games from backless bleacher seats has got to be the cause of this sudden otherwise inexplicable pain.

3. The fact that I gave my sister a birthday present "wrapped" in a shoe box and plastic grocery bag. Yes, I blame basketball for that. It's complicated.

4. The sub-par dinner situation lately. TGFFVB! (Thank god for frozen veggie burgers)

5.  Making me sportable.

      (October 20, 2011) 
       E, age 5: Mommy, did you play sports in High School?
       Me: No, but I was in shows.
       E: Oh, you weren't too sportable?
       Me: No, not too sportable.
       E: Well I am very sportific.

       (January 15, 2019)
       Me: I swear it's all the bleacher sitting that's making my back hurt.
       Daddy O: I can't believe you go to all his games.
       Me: Why wouldn't I?
       Daddy O: It's cute! I mean, you're just not, too, uh . . .

       I think maybe the word he was looking for was sportable.

I actually do enjoy watching my kids play. I just think I'd like it better with seat backs.

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  1. Ahh it's not the wrapping that counts it's what's inside (thanks for the original wrapped gift ;)