Friday, January 11, 2019

Five on Friday: Five Videos to Enjoy & Share

So what happened was this . . . yesterday I had a really long to-do list and I got so much done.  I went food shopping, did two loads of laundry, I made phone calls, answered emails, hand painted all of the big signs I need for the activity tables at the 16th Annual MLK Day of Service, studied my lines, helped kids with homework, watched a real nail-biter of a Middle School basketball game and about a thousand other things.

What I did not do was write my Five on Friday list. I like to write it before Friday morning but the truth is I often find inspiration on Friday mornings as I'm enjoying my quiet coffee time.

But then what happened was this . . . I overslept a little and had a hard time waking up. My throat hurt. I stumbled downstairs to my teens already eating. I pushed the button to turn my coffee maker on so I could do my little morning jobs I do while I'm waiting for it to be ready: clean some ash out of the fireplace, get the fire going again, check the mouse trap. I did those things and returned to this:

Some nice hot water to wake me up!

I had something in my eye but couldn't see anything in there, my 8-year-old woke up in super weird mode (which involves her saying the most random shit and generally getting on everyone's nerves) and both of my Five on Friday ideas didn't quite have five items yet.

I was begin to suspect I was in the sequel of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

But then coffee was made properly, the fire was stoked, my throat felt better, my eye slightly improved, the kids got off to school which means I'm stoked (see what I did there?) and I realized I had five items on a list that have been saved to fall back on for a not-enough-ideas day like today.

That idea is for a list of five videos I've seen online recently that I saved to show the kids. Maybe you or your kids will enjoy them, too:

1. How to go from dinner to cake this is one of those Joseph's Machines real-life Rube Goldberg type contraptions that I will live to regret showing the children

My Future Regret: Exhibit A

2. Bear rings Florida family's doorbell We've had a bear in the baby pool before, but it didn't knock to ask permission first

3. Man plays Bulgarian folk music using only a straw: He actually sounds really good. I hope the kids do not try this at home, though.

4. Dog gets vacuumed by Roomba: Why not?

5. 8-year-old trained barber offers free haircuts to kids in her Philadelphia community

Hey, that's five! I made it! Now I'm going to the upstairs bathroom to find some eye drops and while I'm up there I think I'll hide the hair clipper.

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