Friday, August 24, 2018

Five on Friday: Vacation is *So* Over

Hey neighbors! Hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet while we were away for ten days. To make sure every single one of you realizes we've returned, the younger kids and friends managed to somehow kick a soccer ball into our not-very-busy road exactly as a truck was driving past. Apparently he slowed to try to avoid it but somehow the ball lined up exactly with his wheel and as he rolled over it, the pop created such a loud bang we ran outside to make sure nobody got shot. We're baaaaaaaack!!!!

Other signs vacation is over:

1. We returned to all the joys of old home ownership with a bang. Or our old humid house fared poorly in all the rain in our absence, sprouting little mold growths ON THE COUCHES, YUCK. The dishwasher is still broken, a kid clogged the toilet, another one plunged it but maybe messed something else up in there . . . aaah, it's so good to be home.

2. We returned to the joys of community. My neighbor had given me her old steam cleaner a few years ago and it was the perfect tool for quickly and easily knocking that mold right out.  Our dog was loved up by friends while we were gone and now we're helping care for a guinea pig and some chickens.  Neighbors and friends helped entertain my children a few times this week so I could get . . .

3. Back to work! Not a terrible thing at all as I do like my job and I was reminded, once again, of how lucky I am to have such flexible employers who are okay with me saying things like, "So I'll probably work two hours today and maybe an hour tomorrow and the next day may or may not be a more regular day." (It wasn't.)

4. Back to school shopping. Nothing like last minute . . . a Wednesday night run for the High Schoolers who were starting on Thursday morning. The next afternoon I took the younger kids out for their supplies. I would have preferred to put it off a little longer (they don't start until Thursday) but they wouldn't stop hounding me.

5. Back to school, at least for the older two. Once again I had myself convinced that they'd only have a half day the first day, once again I was wrong about that (at least my daughter checked this time and they went prepared with lunch . . . unlike last year. Whoops, still sorry about that guys.)  Time for everyone to start getting to bed on time, waking up early . . . and for Mom to try to pay more attention to the school calendar.

Home sweet home

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