Friday, August 31, 2018

Five on Friday: School Supply Hacks

The Internet is rife with memes about insane school supply lists . . . mainly because it's true. I used to get a new Trapper Keeper each year; my kids get mile-long lists of required supplies. I'm happy to help the teachers out but shopping with five kids each with their own insanely long list is not exactly my favorite yearly tradition.

This year the lists didn't seem quite as long and I'm grateful for that. For today's list, I am going to share some tricks I've come up with to make the school supply situation easier on myself, hopefully something will be helpful for you, too:

1. At the end of each school year, we save things that aren't totally trashed. Folders or binders with a just a name label on them, notebooks with three pages used. No shame in sending my kid to school with like-new supplies.

2. But where do I store these items over the summer? A-ha, I'm glad you asked!! Because I feel like this was one of my best ideas ever:


3. When we are shopping for the new stuff, I always grab a few extra folders, notebooks, etc. because inevitably someone is going to need one--usually for the very next day--and it just makes my life easier. Also they're generally on sale this time of year.

4. I also try to remember to grab a package of poster board while I'm out. Someone always ends up needing one and it's always urgent.

5. If your kids got new shoes for back-to-school, hold on to those shoe boxes! It seems fewer are needed as they get older, but sometimes the big kids need them for building certain projects. I like having several on hand so I can offer one to someone else that was caught off-guard as I know there will be about a million other ways I'll need help during the school year so this is my one little way of giving back.

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