Friday, May 25, 2018

Five on Friday: She's Crafty

You know how when you're super busy to start with and then two of your five kids are on two different travel soccer teams and there are also track meets every weekend plus a slew of other stuff to keep with . . . but then you keep getting inspired by things so somehow squeeze in time to be crafty?

I do!

Man, I am spinning wheels and dropping balls lately but I also realize I've been making so much stuff! I can't help it--when I'm inspired, I must create. I'm not much of a seamstress, really, my motto is "Slightly fucked up is the charm of homemade" so don't get too impressed with any of the sewing projects. I assure you, they live up to my motto. But they're still pretty from afar and so I'm going to show them off:

1. I told you last week how much I love my job but I failed to mention that it's also a very beautiful building, a wooden red mill from the 1800s. Last year my daughter helped me create a Red Mill hat for the Annual Gala, this year she helped me design fabric so I could sew a dress.

2. Another great fundraiser for work is coming up--the Retro (bike) Ride!  This means I'll get to wear the dress a second time (thank goodness after all of that work). I really wanted one of those fancy and expensive helmets that looks like a straw hat but I figured out how to make this year's hat (pictured above) open up and fit around my helmet! I'm super proud of this one, but you're going to have to wait until after the event for a picture.

3. This vintage bike for the ride has been my muse for so much! It was a super thrift score for me that has not only made me fall in love with biking again but has inspired lots of crafty projects. I used up some of my leftover Red Mill fabric to make a bunting for the basket and also sewed another liner, just for some variety and because I have all the time in the world for sewing up multiple vintage bike basket linings. (We can leftovers for dinner again, right?)

4. A rainbow flag bunting for our patio. A couple of years ago we had accumulated a bunch of small rainbow flags (after a Pride parade maybe?), put them on the patio and dubbed it the "Equali-Tea Garden." Then my amazing husband built this arbor and came up with the perfect name of the "Safe Arbor." This year the wisteria was blooming like crazy and I was enjoying it so much until I realized: we had no rainbow flags left!! I got right on that. (Leftovers again again!)

5.  Years ago when were debating whether we'd put an addition on to the house or move to a bigger one, we found an old piece of pottery in the yard. That wasn't unusual, our home was built in the 1700s and we find pieces of pottery all the time. However, this piece in particular was stamped with the surname of my husband and five children. A friend of mine remarked, "Your family name just came out of the Earth. I think you stay where you are."

We did but I wanted to have a unique way to display the that piece. I decorated a picture frame, mosaic-style, with all the found pieces. I don't know what happened but I guess it got knocked off of the wall one day and then the pieces fell off. I was just starting to work outside of the home again and so the frame stayed bare. I finally got around to fixing it. I think the timing was meant to be because this time I had a brand-new piece to add, made by our youngest daughter:

I suppose now I have to stop being crafty and make a new dinner . . . because at this rate, we'll probably need the leftovers from it tomorrow.

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