Friday, January 12, 2018

Five on Friday: The Worst List Ever

Since starting the Five On Friday posts almost two years ago, I have only missed one Friday (that includes keeping up while sick, traveling, working, etc.)

I can't remember why I missed that one time because my memory is getting worse by the day. What I do know is that I have no excuse at all this week for not having a list ready. I thought I had an idea but when I started to try to write, I just wasn't inspired. I thought I had the solution--sometimes when I don't have any ideas I look through my recent photographs and just share a list of recent pictures. Aaaand . . . nah. Nothing good. Or at least not five good enough ones.

SO. Here's a list of ideas that are either not panning out, aren't long enough yet or I just haven't had time to write. Maybe they will be a future list or maybe I will forget about these, too . . .

1. Five things to always keep on hand when you have kids in grade school

2. Five thrift scores and misses

3. Five favorite traditions at my kids' schools

4. Five things I love about our upcoming Martin Luther King Day of Community Service

5. Five things TO say to teens you're making small talk with at a party

Stay tuned for a (hopefully) much better list next week!

This is a "Toad Hollow Rambo Frog" I saw at the thrift shop. Maybe he'll be on a future list.

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