Friday, January 5, 2018

Five On Friday: Teen Talk Back (Fun not Fresh)

Ah, the holidays, so many excuses to get together and overindulge with every faction of our lives: old friends, new friends, family friends, family, coworkers, neighbors . . . and we celebrated with them all (which is why no real pants fit me right now, if you're wondering why you see me at the supermarket in my pajamas).

Well, not all of us . . . for one particular party we went to at the home of some newer friends, I asked the teens if they'd prefer to stay home. They were tempted by the thought of party food but had to take into consideration the fact that they'd be the oldest kids there. They knew that sometimes a gaggle of little kids could be annoying and then, my daughter added, there are the adults! Ugh.

The adults? What do you mean, sweet child o' mine who actually is very pleasant and gets along well with adults? You know, Mom, all the dumb questions. Driving yet? How do ya like High School? Thinking about college? Have ya heard about this snapchat thing? Etc. Etc.

Ah. I do. I totally get it. So while they decided to skip that party and stay home for some sibling bonding, I told her that she should start coming up with her own dumb questions to ask adults. The results are a bit of collaboration between a few of us here and yet to be tested out in person. It almost makes me want to be invited to another party soon (hey, I could wear leggings), just so she can whip one of these out:

1. How's the prostate?  or  Have a mammogram yet?

2. So, thinking about retirement homes yet?

3. Have you gotten any good job reviews lately?

4. Thinking about having any more kids?

5. (my favorite) My Grandma gave me a cassette tape, can you show me how to use it?

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