Friday, September 15, 2017

Five on Friday: Things I'm Not Fighting About Anymore (with disclaimers)

Hey kids,
You're all getting to be such big kids now. For some of you that means 2nd grade, for others it means Junior year of High School, it's all relative. The fact is though, you're all growing and becoming more independent and involved in your own activities.

Based on our marks on the closet wall you may think I'm no longer growing but I am, in other ways.

I'm growing and changing, too. I'm working outside of the home more than I ever have since you've been alive. I'm trying to evolve along with our changing family. And in the spirit of change, I've decided there are some things that I'm not going to get on your case about any more. Of course, I do retain the right to have caveats for each one of them, but here they are . . . today's Five on Friday list are the things I'm not going to argue with you about any more:
1. What you wear on school picture day. Hey, it'll capture you as your purest self in these days. (*The major holidays are still mine to dress you as I see fit.)

2. How messy your room is during the week. (*However, every weekend you have a running date with that pigsty.)
3. One sport per kid per season. (*But seriously, no more than two. For real.)
4. Making it to every single one of your games (*You're so talented you make me enjoy watching sports. I'm so proud of you. But see above and remember you have four siblings.)
5. That Hot-90-whatever radio station you've discovered. I've actually come to enjoy the dance-y pop music, even if Daddy makes fun of me for it. (*You realize that the potential for me embarrassing you by singing one of these songs in public just increased exponentially, right? Sorry.)

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