Friday, September 8, 2017

Five on Friday: Back to School Stats

1: Number of caterpillars currently living in our house . . . that I know about

They tell me this little guy is going to stop pooping so much and become a beautiful butterfly

2: Number of times I’ve spoken to Principals on the phone so far this school year (Sorry fellas. You had a good run of not hearing from me, though, so be thankful for small blessings.)

3: Number of schools my kids are currently enrolled in (And of course they don't all follow the same schedules, that'd make my life too easy.)

4: Average number of neighborhood kids found in my yard on a daily basis (I love it)

5: Number of lunches I am no longer packing on a daily frenzied morning basis as the “kids pack their own lunches” rule is back and I really mean it this time!

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