Friday, March 31, 2017

Five on Friday: Birthdays, Boxes & Buddies, Oh My!

A look back on the past week in pictures:

1. We hosted a birthday party for my newly-minted 9 year-old son on Saturday. We had some fun with making colored water balloons and freezing them for a "cold potato" game. My daughter also decided to fill a plastic glove with blue water. Made for interesting decor:

Her finger broke so I told her to ice it. Hardy har har.

2. We had an uninvited guest but it didn't eat much so it was okay.

Hey there little buddy!

3. I had a performance with The Meta Theatre Company on Tuesday. These two ladies that I'm proud to call my friends came. Oh and those goofballs in the second picture? Some of my lovely cast mates.

4. Just when I thought the novelty of this box wore off and maybe it was time to recycle it . . . it was turned into a cozy reading nook out in the sun.

5. So what IS a social justice theatre company? We do things like act out scenes that have happened in real life and then ask the audience how they'd handle it. It's like a choose your own adventure book, but live. Here I am playing the racist jerk and one of my very best friends (on left) volunteered to come up and try to disrupt my hate talk.

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