Friday, October 28, 2016

Five On Friday: Reasons I Still Pack My Teens' Lunches

 Remember three weeks ago when I told you I could totally justify why I pack my teens' lunches? (It's here if you missed it) I didn't forget! And when one of our exchange students said something about it the other day, I thought this must be the week to share this list.

Now I'd never say that packing your teens' lunches is advice for anyone else to follow. I actually usually feel like I shouldn't be doing it, but I still do. Nearly every day. And this is why:

1. I've always been the "mom" in my groups of friends, even long before I had kids. It's just what I do.

2. I thoroughly enjoy preparing food and feeding people.

3. I like to make sure they are eating a good variety of food and when I pack it, I know for sure what they're getting.

4. Packing their lunches is a great way to use up leftovers--when they pack, they never think of packing leftovers. When I pack, I frequently do.

5. Really? Am I going to really make myself feel guilty for having time and energy to pack my kids' lunches? I'm sure there are so many others out there that feel guilty for NOT packing their kids' lunches. I'll take this one for the team. They can still do their own laundry.

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