Friday, September 2, 2016

Five on Friday: Another High School Freshman

I realized that last year I dedicated a Five on Friday list to my daughter as she began her High School career and that I did not have one this year for my son. Lest he ever feel like that overlooked second child (Ha! How do you think number five feels?), I should probably write out some thoughts and wishes for him, too.

1. So the funny thing about you, G, (well, one of them), is that you were only the baby of the family for four years before becoming a big brother three times over. But those four years made some sort of impression on my psyche as a mother. Every time your sister would reach a milestone I'd feel happy and excited about what's ahead--but when you'd reach the same milestone a year later, I'd get a little verklempt. I thought maybe I was getting over that now but as you pedaled away on your bike that first morning of High School, I'll admit I got a little choked up. 

2. You've always been such an interesting mixture of wanting to march to the beat of your own drum but overly worried about other people not liking your music. It makes me a little worried about you entering High School--I see you as the Anthony Michael Hall character, kind of annoying, sort of sweet and lovable, easy to be bullied. I'm seeing your confidence begin to develop and I know you're super smart. I just hope your brain and sarcasm help get you out of more trouble than in it.

3. You admitted you're considering joining Drama Club!! That burst of joy and enthusiasm I displayed was subdued, believe it or not. Oh please oh please! Theatre has always meant so much to me and I do think you'd find some good friends and really enjoy it. High School is time for broadening your horizons and if it's not with this, I hope you try other things. (But I really want it to be this. FYI. Again.)
4. At first I was bummed and pretty sad for you when you came home from your Freshman Orientation day completely underwhelmed. But then I remembered how, when you were in preschool, every single day I'd excitedly ask you, "How was school today?" And every damn day you'd sigh and respond, "Want to know what bad happened?" But overall you did love preschool. You and I just have different . . . outlooks on life. I know this big new school is going to take some getting used to but there will be so many great opportunities for you to enjoy and so many things to learn that you're actually interested in. Just hang on, you'll get there.

5. Speaking of preschool, I'd never say that it seems like just yesterday you were there. It actually has felt like a long time and it's amazing to see how you've changed and grown. Things are really happening now--you've eked past your sister height-wise and your voice is changing. I remember last year one of B's observations on High School is that so many of the senior boys were "LIKE MEN!" You're going to be taller than me, too, soon . . . and like a man. While I'd never say your childhood was over in a flash, it's still hard for me to believe you're getting so grown. I can't wait to see the ways you continue to grow and change in these next four years.

And they're off!