Friday, May 13, 2016

Five On Friday: First Two Weeks at The Job

Mama got an out-of-the-house paying job! I'm working as a tour guide for school groups at a local historic site. It includes a Mill, a one room schoolhouse, a log cabin, a quarry and more. 

I know it's only been two weeks but I'm really loving it and am already feeling a little disappointed that it's only seasonal work.
Here are some highlights from my first two weeks:

1.  In the log cabin, I was talking with some kindergarteners about how the fireplace was used for heating the house and for cooking. A little boy excitedly asked, “Did Santa come down that chimney?” I answered, “I’m not exactly sure what year Santa started coming down log cabin chimneys.” (He was satisfied with that, thankfully.)

2. In the schoolhouse, I show the kids how teachers might have punished students by drawing a circle on the board and then making the naughty student stand with their nose in the circle. Later when I ask if they have any idea what the little circle on their desk is for (inkpot) many of them guess, “to put your nose in?”

3.  From a 70-ish year old co-worker. “I have to tell you, I love your style. I notice you wear tights a lot. I just bought my first pair of Spanx.”

4.  Me to my own kids at home: “Oh! I forgot to tell you guys that yesterday at the Blacksmith . . . “
My 14-year-old son G: “I’ve got to admit, I’m a little jealous that you can say ‘yesterday at the Blacksmith’ . . ." 

5.  Random 4th Grader: "Did you know that in the olden days phones used to have round dials with numbers on them and you had to turn it to get to the number you wanted to dial?"
Me: "Not only did I know that but I'm so old I actually used to use phones like that."
Him: "Wow."

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