Friday, February 26, 2016

Five On Friday: All Good Things, All Good Things

If you read the title of today's list and thought of a cartoon snowman, I have a feeling you've seen the movie Frozen as many times as I have.

Every once in awhile (read: every time I'm uninspired for writing a list) I share five pictures for Five on Friday. It always feels like a cop out but then everyone really enjoys the pictures. So here are five pictures that show a little snapshot of my life recently (and it's all good things, all good things!):

1. Sometimes my oldest two argue. Sometimes they have Futuramen (ramen noodles while watching Futurama). And sometimes they decide to dress up and go out to the woods for a photo shoot for no reason.

I think that's Link in our amazing backyard

2. Oh this toothless smile! I love it and I love the way she's writing all the time these days. Oh and I love her creative spellings.

And every BUDDY loves you too.

3. Big Sis and Lil Sis.
Ten years apart doesn't mean they're not close

4. We had some really nice weather this week . . .

Clothes on the line!!

5. . . . and we also had a bit of rain.

Duck crossing!