Friday, August 14, 2015

Five on Friday: Things to Do Before School Starts Again

We are in serious crunch mode here, people. My oldest has High School Freshman Orientation on August 26th and then her first real day the 27th. The other kids start a week later but we can't do anything *super* fun without big sister. So we basically have twelve more days to get in everything we meant to do this summer.

Well. Maybe everything is too tall of an order so I guess I'd better prioritize and get these five done at least:

1. One more trip to the Jersey Shore

2. Day trip to NYC, I've got a list of free children's museums and some groupons burning a hole in my iphone

3. Make fire starters: our stash is almost empty and while we can absolutely make our campfires without them, it's a fun project. *OH. WAIT. After I wrote this list the other day we had a slow afternoon and made the fire starters then, plus a sand candle with the excess wax:

3. So I need a new #3 and that will be . . . bowling, if it's not too late to print out some Kids Bowl Free coupons

4. Film short film or two for our annual labor day weekend short film fest in the yard with friends

5. As much as I dread this one . . . and some of my kids are literally begging me to do it . . . I suppose I must find time to go back to school shopping.

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