Friday, June 12, 2015

Five on Friday: All About A for her Birthday

"Some people have surprise pregnancies, we have surprise babies."

We didn't expect this sassy Little Miss but of course we couldn't imagine our lives without her. She turned five yesterday and so today's list is all about her. Here are some memorable moments from her first five years:

1. Age 22 months:  I had her at the Amish market when an older bearded man walked by. She shouted "MAMA! Ho ho ho!" (Thus began a series of referring to various strangers as Santa, the worst of which was a woman who was not particularly old nor round.)

2. Age 23 months:  I was cooking and gave her some cheese to eat. She came back and said "nose" and I said, "Yes you have a nose." She came back a minute later and we repeated that conversation. The third time she came in I asked, "where is your cheese?" and she said, "nose" so I had to fish it out. It was gross. (Thus began a series of putting things up her nose. More cheese, legos, whatever.)

3. Age 2.5 years: We were at the library and passed a baby in a carseat on the floor on our way to go check out. She said to me, "Mommy, I gunna go fight da baby, 'kay?" (She didn't. But she does still fight.)

4. Age almost 3: Very cheerfully: "I hate you! I like Daddy! He my sister!!" (Thus began . . . oh wait, never mind. She's obsessed with Mama now, not Daddy.)

5. Age almost 3: Daddy O put her on the potty before bed. She said she didn't have to go, he said she had to try. She sat and waited and then said, "Come on pee pee, you sleepin' in my (va-)gina???" (And, you guessed it, she's still obsessed with talking about private parts!)

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