Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday: Mother's Day Goodness

I don't really get into Mother's Day all that much. I don't expect my family to spend money on gifts and the last thing I'd ever want is for my children to bring food to my bed. I mainly want the kids to be nice to me and make me cute things, which is what I'd like on any given day.

Well they were nice to me and did make me cute things so I suppose that counts as a successful Mother's Day. Here are some highlights from the day:

1. Kids helping me in the garden for hours with minimal complaint (okay fine an occasional, "IT'S MOTHER'S DAY" reminder was needed when someone started to whine).

2. This card. "Why is my hair blonde?" "I couldn't find a brown marker."

3. The "Klee-Nar" robot. "This is just a prototype for the real one you'll make me one day, right?" "Nope."

4. These AMAZING hand drawn cards, a set of six villainesses, by my oldest daughter (that came with a really special letter that made me cry)

 5. And FOUR plants . . . see that one all the way on the right? That Z brought home on Thursday but told me was for his oldest sister? Apparently it was all just a ruse. He said that so he could give it to ME on Sunday (and no, he didn't just say that to save face, this story was confirmed by sister and Daddy-O). What a cute little sneak.

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