Friday, February 13, 2015

Five On Friday: This Old House (Hey, Part #3!) More Found Objects

Last week's post was so fun and then I realized I had so many other things around the house that we've found in the house and woods that I decided to have another This Old House installment for Five on Friday!

1. You say rusty rake head, I say a place to hang my hat.

 2. My husband thinks this is something that may have been used for ice harvesting. (Like

3. Okay so that watering can on the left might be a little beat up, but it's fine for my collection of metal watering cans that I don't actually use.

4. The pink poodle on the right was down by the formerly creepy spring house (see last week). She  became fast friends with my lamp Fifi.

5. This giant metal something or other (heating grate?) was found near the garden by my husband. Now it lives on as a pot rack in my kitchen. Awhile after this was hung the inner circle was also found but that hasn't been repurposed yet.

And now you know why when I'm in a redecorating or landscaping mood I sometimes take a walk in the woods to see if I can find anything great to use.

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