Thursday, October 30, 2014

Random Facts about Moi? Oui, S'il Vous Plait!

Usually Friday is my day for a list of five things but seeing as how I was challenged TWICE* in a twelve-hour period to participate in this, I will succumb and list five (more) random things about myself.

1. What do flip flops and candy corn have in common? I can't stand either one of them. Toe wedgies and colored sugar wax? No thank you. However, I really appreciate both of them for crafting themes. I made super cute flip flop shirts with my Girl Scout troop once and think all sorts of candy corn crafts are absolutely adorable.

2. I probably set my standards for myself too high but I'm also good at delegating and saying "no" so I think it works out.

3. I'm fascinated by olfactory memories. I love how the combination of garlic cooking and a squished stink bug somewhere (hey, they smell like cilantro) can immediately bring me back to the apartment I lived in during my semester in Spain.

4. Growing up, we didn't have cable because it wasn't available in our area. We finally got it but my parents only got the basic package and that point I was pretty used to entertaining myself without TV anyway. I also didn't really watch a lot of movies apparently because I don't get 75% of the pop culture references from TV/Movies of the 80s and 90s that my contemporaries bring up. I still have never even seen "When Harry Met Sally" even though I married a man that was just a good friend of mine for years before we were ever a couple.

5.  Speaking of my husband, he and I play online Scrabble against each other all day. And most of the evening too.

Now I challenge you to come up with a list! Come on, it's fun. Jenny, Punk Rock Papa, Karen and Roger

*Thanks for challenging me, Kimberly and Deborah, I love a good challenge.

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  1. 5 random things about the Laundry Fairy....hmmm...I will get right on it between stealing the kids' Halloween candy and the Fall Festival ;)