Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday: This is Halloween

It's time for Five on Friday, it's Halloween, I have five kids, so this week's topic is a no-brainer: Here's a list of what my kids are dressing up for today:

1. 4 year old A was going to be a cheerleader, my friend found her a cute costume at a sale. Then she said she wanted to be Elsa which made the rest of us groan but I told her she could if she wore the costume her older sister and I had made for her birthday (that she never really seemed to like). Then we were at another sale and saw a super cute Eeyore costume and she said she wanted that. It's very cuddly and has a built-in big soft tummy, so she's super snuggly in it. Plus she has no idea who Eeyore is and can't properly pronounce his name, so it's extra adorable.
Maybe she'll try wearing all three at once tonight!

2. 6 year old Z said he wanted to be a red ninja. Again. Just like he was last year. I started to protest, that's so boring! Be a ketchup bottle, you love ketchup! Then realized I was creating more work for myself. The kid already owns the costume from last year, it fits* him and he wants to wear it again. DONE. (*okay so it technically still fits him, however last year the pants were a tiny bit long and thinking he'd only wear it once, I just used my pinking shears to hack the bottoms. Now they're a little bit short on him. Oh well, it's good enough to get candy in.) 
Boring but easy. Please note hacked pant bottoms.

3. 8 year old E is being Harry Potter. Since my oldest daughter harbored a many-year Harry Potter obsession, we already owned everything needed for this costume. BOOM!
Easy peasy.

4. 12 year old G is being Queen's front man, Freddie Mercury. I wasn't sure how I was going to manage the iconic yellow jacket needed but bag day, some yellow dye and a little creativity made it come together nicely. (Oh and a pair of hand-me-down karate pants, red ribbon and iron-on tape!)

5. 14 year old B is is going to be Andy Warhol, assuring that nobody at the middle school will know who she or her brother are dressed up as. And actually these two dress so eccentrically on any given day, people might not even realize they’re dressed up. (And I will be her Pop Art Marilyn, stay tuned to my FB page for a picture later!)

Artist at work


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  1. awesome! love the creativity, the thriftiness, the individuality!