Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday: The Shocking Pictures They Don't Want You to See!

I've had fun all week taking over the Official Nick Mom Instagram Page

They asked me to send them pictures from one day in my life, but they didn't say how many.

I sent fourteen. They chose what they wanted to share and thought the public would never be able to see the forgotten photos from my last Thursday. But I was granted top-secret access to my own iPhoto library and will share with the public those pictures that THEY didn't want you to see.

A shocking Five on Friday photo spread. Remember, you saw it here first:

1.  My four year old and I like to lunch like we're at a cocktail party.

2. I I think this look says "I forget to make sure my scarf is covering my shirt stains" as well as "I have a preschooler that makes me banana necklaces and takes a really long time to buckle up."

3. They're hooooome! This is what the counter looks like when you don't let four kids buy lunch.

 4. The rest of homework and lunch packing will have to wait until after soccer


5. Kids, your Mom is crazy.


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