Friday, August 15, 2014

Five on Friday: One Week of Summer

I keep finding myself the same thing everyone seems to be saying right now, that summer has just flown by. But it's not really true--when I think back to the kids' last day of school it seems like a long time ago. Each day is filled with so much adventure, wonder and fun it contributes to the feeling of time passing quickly. Just in this past week we've had:

2. A fun overnight at the little lakeside cottage that my parents recently bought. My kids love being there. Now all but the youngest can kayak on their own and all including the youngest can jump off the floating dock like a pro. Thanks, Mom and Dad.  

3. Kids discovering wonders of nature everywhere. Z discovered a root that looks like his favorite letter. E captured the world's tiniest toad. They all caught salamanders and this poor guy lost his tail (and weird little A asked, "Can we eat the tail for dinner?")

4. Real girls=real amazing. Local artist and friend Catherine Lent and her daughter decided a new kind of club was needed for girls. (You may remember I spoke at the inaugural meeting on my "one big truth" . . . and I also led a bunch of fun acting improv activities at another meeting.) My daughter learned so much, got to meet amazing girls and tremendous women and will surely look back upon this summer as one of her most impactful. (She even got to spend a few hours writing, hanging out and playing games with a world famous author who gave a shout out to the group here: Yesterday was the summer's last meeting and I know next Thursday we'll be missing this group.

5. Free events and family fun time. We heard about this Concert Under the Stars in June and immediately put it on the calendar--a Beatles cover band would be performing. I still can't believe how much fun we all had there, not just our Beatles-obsessed child. The encore was "Twist and Shout" which even our 12 year old non-dancer G boogied down to (thanks to the scene in "Ferris Bueller") The band had a few costumes but the Sergeant Pepper ones were the most fun.

We have thirteen days left until the start of school. Other people are starting to wonder, "how can I entertain the kids another two weeks???" and I'm wondering, "When the heck are we going to pause the fun and go school shopping??"

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