Friday, July 4, 2014

Five on Friday: Highlights from Our Recent Visit with Birth Family (or, as we like to call each other, Family)

We had a long overdue visit with my adopted kids' extended biological family last week. Here are the five best things about our visit first at Great Grandma's and then at Uncle Pop-Pop's* house:

1. Getting to bring cheer to Great Grandma who has had some tough emotional blows to deal with in the past few months. Seeing the look of joy on her face when surrounded by the children.

2. Kids finally got to see Uncle Pop-Pop's multiple pet reptiles that he first told them about over a year ago.
 3. The ease with which ALL of my children--adopted and biological--accept and cherish these relationships. When Auntie arrived after work, I am pretty sure my oldest (biological) daughter would have tackled anyone that got in her way in saying "hello" first.

4. Unexpectedly being able to also see my kids' Birth Mom (or "First Mom/my" as our household vernacular dictates) . . . I am sure my four-year-old didn't remember her and that made me sad. Happy for the visit and the photos to keep her fresh in their minds.
Trading shoes with her First Mommy for a laugh together

5. Being told personally by both Great Grandma and then Uncle Pop-Pop's wife, "You're family."


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