Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday: Fantastic Names My Kids Have Come Up With

Over the years my kids have named a lot of imaginary friends and baby dolls with some really fantastic monikers. When thinking of my favorites, I realized they were ALL first-middle name combinations. Here they are:

1. Chickie Baby
2. Chessidy Bubble (one & two were names my oldest would alternately refer to her brother and herself as or say were the names of her future children)
3. Sunshine Miracle
4. Genius Jinglebells (three & four are names for identical baby dolls and were group efforts from my four oldest)
5. Shelby Fluffy (my youngest recently came up with this one for an anatomically correct baby boy doll my Mom gave her)

Sunshine Miracle and Genius Jinglebells

*Where do they get this skill from? Well their father really, really wanted to name a kid "Atomic Billy" but mean Mommy nixed it five times . . . so maybe from him.


  1. Our favorites from our daughter include Kristek, Earnabella, and Little Crunky. Where do they get this stuff?