Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday: Five Meals We Have When There's "Nothing" to Eat

1. Leftovers jazzed up by the addition of a grilled cheese sandwich (oh wait, no bread? Make some! No flour? Make that a quesadilla instead! No tortillas? Make that cheese and crackers! No crackers? Plain old leftovers it is!)

2. Pasta e fagioli: My Mother-in-Law's recipe. I almost always have these ingredients on hand, even if the pasta is the wrong shape (used ABCs the other day. Recipe forthcoming on a #howtoTuesday post)

3. Black beans and rice: Once again, ingredients I almost always have on hand. This past week there was only a tiny bit of rice left so it was heavy on the black beans but I did have a hidden bag of tortilla chips to jazz it up.

4. Or tortillas or tostadas of some sort (hey, I keep a LOT of beans and tortillas in the house. I'm not a Martha follower but I do like this tostada recipe: ).

5. Cavatelli and broccoli (frozen cavatelli, throw some fresh or frozen broccoli in for the last few minutes. Drain then use the same pot to heat up some olive oil--oh wait, out of that, also out of vegetable AND coconut oil so butter it is!--and saute a bunch of garlic, put the pasta and broccoli back in and add some grated parmesan)

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