Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday: Five Recent Snapshots that Make Me Smile

1.My neighbor stopped by to feed our dog and the newspaper article about the Listen To Your Mother show was on the counter so she left me this note. The quotation marks crack me up, I've kept the note hanging up in the kitchen.

2. My daughter painted this amazing watercolor mermaid for me for Mother's Day. I'm trying to find a safe and special spot for it.

3. Not sure why I did not purchase these miniature mugs at the thrift shop and now it's too late, someone else is the lucky owner of this wonky-eyed-Martha. At least I still have the picture.

4. Taking selfies with my youngest outside and she did something to my phone that made it take a ton of pictures at once. This is one of them. I cannot stop laughing at this face I'm making.

5. And speaking of "can't stop laughing" . . . I babysit my neighbor a few days a week after school. She had to write some tongue twisters for homework: these were my favorite.


  1. hahaha...your face is priceless. Love the tongue twisters.

  2. I know the teachers don't like the word "suck" but I couldn't bear making her erase it.

  3. Those tongue twisters are difficult to say aloud! Was she writing them for a poem or something else?