Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday: Double Feature!!

The five best things about going away without our five kids:

1. So many naps!
2. Not having any concerns at all about how the kids were doing. (Thank you Grandparents!)
3. Getting to act like a grown-up with my husband. Also, getting to act like a kid with him and spend time playing in the ocean and cracking up at immature things like:

Test your maturity: does this make you snicker or not?

Not even that funny but I still had to take a picture of it.

Who doesn't love a good Bob?

4. No whining. No entertaining small people on a plane. No constantly doling out snacks. Being able to eat as much mofongo as we possibly could without hearing anyone complain, "Not again!"

5. Not having to do this while hiking the rainforest:

The five best things about coming home to them:

1. Making it home before bedtime.
2. Finding out all the kids did great in our absence and knowing they were adequately loved up and spoiled. ("Mommy, we had dessert EVERY night at Grandma's!")
3. Whenever I spend time away from them, they always seem so magical and amazing to me when I get back to them. It's good to see your kids like that again.
4. Z-man's first super wiggly tooth did NOT fall out in our absence.
5. Three-year-old A hugging me and saying (completely unprompted by anyone), "I so glad you home!"

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